[FREE DOWNLOAD] Youtube Thumbnail Masterclass – Design 5 Best Thumbnails

If you want to design youtube thumbnails and want to grow views on your channel then this course is made for you!
What you’ll learn
You will Learn how to design your own youtube thumbnails
You will learn how to design youtube thumbnails with Canva.
You will learn how to design eye-catching thumbnail and get more views.
You will learn why youtube thumbnail is important for channels.
Basic knowledge of Canva.
Just you need to have computer or Laptop and Internet.
Hello students in this course. I will teach how you can create Beautiful ,Attractive and eye-catching Youtube Thumbnails.so we use Canva. which is totally Free of Cost and easy to use and specially for non designers. Canva works with Computer and Laptop and even Mobile Phone also .Why youtube Thumbnails are so Important?Youtube thumbnail is very important for Channel growth. when you click a video first you see a Thumbnail and thumbnail is attractive you will click automatically right so this is the power of Youtube Thumbnails. Youtube thumbnail is also a part of SEO ( search engine Optimzation ) if you thumbnail is Attractive you will get tons of views and Subscribers so focus on your thumbnail first and then Video.A good thumbnail makes you want to watch the video. A bad thumbnail or no thumbnail does not make a good impression. YouTube Thumbnails attracts viewers to click on your video and grab people’s attention.Your thumbnail is an important part of the total optimization. You can rank high in search results, but if you don’t get clicks the benefits of your hard work will be lost. Make sure you get them right. Create beautiful thumbnails that catch attention and drive more viewers to your videosResponsive and Caring Instructor:If you have any question related to this course. I am here to help you any time. So invest in your Future. Because this investment never loss for you I grantee for that.Enroll today
Section 1: Introduction About Youtube Thumbnails
Lecture 1 Introduction of youtube thumbnail Masterclass
Lecture 2 Why Youtube Thumbnail Is Important?
Section 2: Redesign Canva Youtube Thumbnail Templates
Lecture 3 Redesign Canva Youtube Thumbnails
Lecture 4 Canva Elements
Section 3: Canva 5 ; Youtube Thumbnail Designs
Lecture 5 Thumbnail 1
Lecture 6 Thumbnail 2
Lecture 7 Thumbnail 3
Lecture 8 Thumbnail 4
Lecture 9 Thumbnail 5 And 1 Bounce Thumbnail

Youtube Thumbnail Masterclass – Design 5 Best Thumbnails

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