Noam Kroll – Color Grading Masterclass [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Critical Tools – The most essential color grading tools, their primary functions, and where to find them in DaVinci Resolve, FCP X, and Premiere Pro.
Order of operations – A bulletproof workflow for RAW and compressed formats, designed to optimize footage for maximum creative potential.
Shot matching & base grades – The first critical steps of any creative grade.

Exposure Adjustments – Techniques for handling over/underexposed footage to deliver optimal luminance levels with minimal noise.
Balancing Colors – Best practices for executing the primary grade, geared toward a natural/organic starting point.
Perfecting Skin Tones – Assessing and fixing common technical issues that affect skin tones for a more flattering look.

Timeless Film Looks – A step by step tutorial, showcasing proper execution for several popular looks associated with classic motion pictures.
The Big Budget Look – From sci-fi to action and everything in between, this lesson teaches core grading skills for several popular big screen looks.
Ultra Stylized – Creative techniques for grading music videos, commercials, art films, and other projects that call for a more aggressive palette.

Black/White Levels – Finding the right shadow/highlight balance, and achieving consistent luminance throughout long form projects.
Grain & Film Emulation – Best practices for applying film grain and emulation in post, giving digital footage a more analog look.
Color Uniformity – The final phase, exploring how global settings, LUTs, and other tools should be used in unison to create a cohesive aesthetic.